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School Vivekananda is managed by Sri Sahakara Education Society. Deriving inspiration from the ideologies and principles of Swami Vivekananda, the members of the society with a passion for promoting quality education and contribute to the society at large, institution School Vivekananda was created in the year 1996. “Mission of Excellence” being the motto of the school, it is committed to give responsible citizens to the world.


The growth of a tree starts from a tiny seed”. So did School Vivekananda! The seeds of this institution sown by Mr. M. Chandrasekhar, President and
Mrs. M Mallika, Secretary under the aegis of
Sri Sahakara Education Society” sprouted in the year June 1996. It is in its seventeenth operational year in 2013-14 and has grown into a tall and strong tree with its branches full of fruits of quality and sustained education.

Innovative teaching approaches and well balanced curriculum are the keys to success. The annual planning, allocating funds, estimating and budgeting the financial flow of the institution for the smooth functioning the responsibilities that lie solely on the shoulders of the members of the society. Nurturing the institution with care and tender hands by them is evident in the successful completion of day to day activities without any hurdles.

Management Members

  • Photo Mr. M Chandrasekhar
  • Photo Mrs. M Mallika

Other Management Members

Mr. M Sohan Vamshi

Mr. M Rajshekhar

Mr. M Madhusudhan

Mr. M Haranath

Mr. M Pullam Raju