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Fact Sheet

Date of opening   -   June 1996
Location of School   -   NTI Layout in the vicinity of Sahakarnagar and University of Agricultural Sciences (GKVK)

Progress of school

Present Infrastructure

The school commenced its functioning in its very own building in 1996. The building initially consisting of a single ground level structure has exponentially grown in size to cater to the needs of the steadily growing student and staff strength. It now has added another new block. As a result the school functions in two blocks Senior and Junior Block each consisting of ground plus 3 floors. One more new block is added for Pre-Primary section (SchooVi Kids). The senior block adequately caters to the academic needs of the classes housed in it and specially includes large and excellently equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, state of the Art Computer Laboratory, a well-stocked Library with a special section for Audio Visual Teaching Aids along with regular teaching done in spacious class rooms.

The physical well being of each student is nurtured in large corporation playground maintained by our institution that conduct field and track events and games like foot- ball, cricket ,Volley- ball and throw- ball matches in appropriately ear marked courts.

The Junior Block that houses the kindergarten sections has been in accordance to the guidelines where space is the priority for the growth of the toddlers. Creativity is of prime importance and the classrooms and play area all have been structured to satisfy these needs.

Staff & Student Welfare

From the inception, one of the socially redeeming policies of the school has been offering “ free-ship” to deserving students. As on date the number of students who are a part of welfare treasure is 44. They are students from Pre-Primary to High School. Implementation of RTE is also undertaken. The welfare of the staff and their children is also taken care of in whatever feasible way possible apart from helping them to grow professionally.


Future Plans

The school now in its sixteenth year of operation has been advocating improving the quality of education imparted year after year. Keeping this in mind for the future too the school has plans to continue in the improvement of deliverables vide upgrading the skills of the existing staff, making them aware of more globally accepted methods of teaching and learning as “The very purpose of any person towards his / her destiny is but a journey where every stop is a step towards greater knowledge and awareness.”

People Growth

The tangible proof of the success of this kind of encouragement given is depicted in the form of hard core data, represented as bar graph.
Students Strength

The school started in 1996 with the humble beginnings related to the student and teaching staff strengths. Now it proudly boasts of a student strength of 1092 and staff strength of 94. The school is thereby committed to maintain an ideal student teacher- ratio which in itself is the reason for the steady growth pattern as depicted in the graphs.

As a Final Word...

Education is the systematic upgrading of knowledge, application of the same for better life skills and uplifting of the spirit, for all of us to become better human beings, accountable for our thoughts and actions, ultimately making the world a place to live in.

Schools are the foundations on which these cherish ideals are nourished and nurtured. Every student who enters the portals of a school comes in as a piece of plain wood. The sculptures are the teachers ,who file ,saw, chip, sand ,etch the wood and give it a beautiful dimension .Knowledge puts life into this sculpted form and the life skills taught here breathe a well-balanced whiff of confidence and humility, to mould this student into a responsible and caring human beings.

School Vivekananda with its motto, vision, tenets and principles stands for all of the above mentioned ideals and continues to strive till every student here achieves the same.