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Pre-Primary Wing Academic year 2015-16

“Education begins at birth and never ends. If the children’s developmental needs are met, children will be able to maximize their potentials, whatever they may be". -Ms.Maria Montessori

The Kindergarten year is the time when many of the earlier lessons come together and become a permanent part of the young child’s understanding. The Kindergarten curriculum is carefully structured and integrated to demonstrate the connections during the different areas of development. The Kindergarten curriculum highlights critical thinking, composition, and research based projects. At SchooVi, our children continue to set the pace for his or her own education and developmental growth.
The teacher’s goal is to guide and facilitate. Acting as a guide for the students involves more than using fixed vocabulary and particular tone. It also involves awareness, attitude, body language, and actions that reflect the principles of good teaching – learning experience.

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Academic year 2015-16 News Letter – Term 1

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we mustfervently believe and upon which we must rigorously act. There is no other route to success ”. -Stephen Brenham

We had an amazing start of the new academic year 2015-16, with the goals set in for the year and working fervently towards realizing it. Our success stocks in large part due to the dedication of our highly efficient and devoted teachers, staff, of course with the co-operation of the kind parents .Most importantly the infectious and joyful attitude of ourloving students who were actively engaged to eagerly participate and remain positive, cheerful all the time helped everyone to perform wonderfully well!
As a strong team and with sincere efforts by everyone we commenced the Academic Year 2015-16 on a good note!

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Academic year 2015-16 News Letter – Term 1 - SchooVi Kids @ School Vivekananda

“Every child is a different kind of a flower - all together makes this world a beautiful garden”.

At SchooVi Kids, our belief is that learning begins right from the moment the child sets its first footsteps on the journey of discovery in the enchanting world of education. From their first day at school, our children find that learning is indeed a process of exploring, posing questions and taking up challenges. We thus set on a path to making learning fun for our children. Hence, the curriculum set at SchooVi blends more than one method of teaching and learning.

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