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Calendar of Events

There is no greater joy for school than in celebrating together with enthusiasm and favor all the festivals and events which depicts the essence of tradition and culture of national and international interest. Besides Sports Day, the school also celebrates School Day in a very befitting manner to showcase the artistic talents latent in the children. Every opportunity is given for the students to participate in an on stage experience which infuses self-confidence and raises self-esteem in them. The magical and colorful show is witnessed by the parent community who are also a part of its arrangement and execution process. The highlight of the School Day program for the academic year 2010-11 was an array of resplendent display of team work in the form of dance ballet, bedecked with tableaus put by our brilliant students ‘Emas Galanos Kosmos Our Beautiful World’. The theme reflected the amalgamation of the essence of all the individual themes allotted for each month in the School Calendar for that year.

‘Shangri-la _The Fantasy World of Dreams’ was the theme for the School Day Program for the academic year 2012-13 wherein all the favorite characters of the children fairy tales came alive on stage midst the creative ambience of look -alike jungle with animals and trees all round on the stage.

Independence Day, Talents’ Day, Prize Distribution Day, Valedictory are some of the many functions held at School. Teacher’s Day, Children’s day are held as well in school which involves students’ active participation in conducting these programs. The students’ organizational skills are sharpened while meticulously planning for the programs. Also, major festivals like Diwali, Id, Christmas and New Year are celebrated to foster secularism. Special Assemblies are conducted to mark the importance of the different dates recognized in the global calendar.