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Campus Facilities

Information Technology

Computer studies is offered as an 'application' subject of study. It aids as an information tool and also use it as a teaching aid. It equips the students to improve their presentation skills other than developing, their own 'Simple Programs'.


Education should include hands-on learning and training experiences to call itself complete and is well taken care of at The infrastructure of the school includes rooms for various laboratories to aid in the scientific approach towards the study of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The facilities provided permits wide scope for children to explore their interests and develop abilities to promote curiosity and creativity. Plans to add on Language Labs are also in the offering.


Good resourceful library facilities are in place. Well stocked shelves exhibit books on various subjects and of the latest best sellers, magazines and journals. Illustrious books are an attraction to motivate young children to develop interest in reading. Teachers and students make good use of the library alike for teaching and learning processes.