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Hobby Clubs

“The essence of education lies in drawing out the very best that is in you” - M K Gandhi

Having a staunch belief in the above thought we at School Vivekananda keep moving ahead and draw an inspiration to keep abreast with the tremendous changes that are taking place in the field of education at a rapid speed. With the changes are arising a lot of challenges for educators. We are making every attempt to provide our children with the best of opportunities which would enable them to be prepared at all times, any time and go well with the changes positively.

We expose our students to a plethora of interesting and exciting activities to go along with academics. This is one of the sure ways to help the students to harness the talents latent in them.

Children are encouraged to participate actively in these once- a-week club activities and find joy in experiencing the line of her/his choice and interest. Literary, Drama,Science,Home Science, Abacus, quiz, Yoga, Swimming, Chess, Art, Eco and others are the various club activities to name a few. We resource specialized personnel and professionals to help us in running these clubs efficiently.