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Extra Curricular Activities

Creative Arts

Art education is an integral part of the curriculum, which begins right in Pre-Primary classes and is used as a sure way to evoke the creativity skills among children. Children find interest in drawing, coloring, sketching, clay modeling, painting, sculpting to name a few. This apart the students are encouraged to hone their unique creative talent by providing them opportunities to explore their own skills.

Performing Arts

Classical/contemporary Dance and Music are offered to appreciate these art forms, and make the students aware of our rich heritage in these fields. Martial Art training too is encouraged.

Fitness and Yoga

To create awareness and understand the importance of well being that lies in the principles of yoga practices so as to improve quality of life is our attempt by introducing fitness, yoga and meditation classes. This will help youngsters to improve psychological functions like awareness, concentration and will power.

If also fosters co-operation amongst youth. The children who undergo training in performing yogic asanas also develop appreciation for Indian cultural practices that support meaningful and relevant educational strategies.

General Enrichment Program (GEP)

Is a unique in-house program that caters to TQM (Total Quality Management) i.e. a sum total of IQ+EQ+SQ (Intelligence Quotient +Emotional Quotient +Spiritual Quotient). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the students who partake this, will be empowered with the vision and the power to use the innate faculty of the human race to grow beyond man made or self made limitations and achieve success, peace and happiness. The programme not only focuses on outer well being, but also addresses the value of focusing on the inner well being, as the future is, for those who are empowered to extract the virtues of the inner well being to derive strength and guidance.


Newspaper in Education is made compulsory for students from Grade 3 to10. An exposure to media at an young age helps children to analyze and distinguish between relevant and not so important piece of information. It is also used extensively by English teachers to raise the standards of language teaching especially in written and oral skills. The timely information on current issues, subject oriented articles, write-ups and other facts are made use of, by the students to enhance their skills in general awareness. Students are also given opportunity of trying their skills in journalism by way of contributing articles, write ups, poems written by them.

Social Service and CDP

Social Service and Community Development Programme is another essential activity that the school promotes with earnest interest. The objective of this programme is to sensitize and evoke feelings of compassion, sympathy and empathy in the growing children, and thereby become responsible global citizens of the future. Visits to Orphanages, Old aged homes, Homes for Destitute children, Schools and Hospitals run by Government and spending time, sharing joys and the innate acquired learning that they are blessed with, among the inmates, are the worthwhile activities held.


The students are encouraged to lend, with a personal touch, their helping hands to the people who are victims of tragic situations due to natural disasters by way of collecting funds and materials in kind and distribute to the victims personally.