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Admission Overview

Awakening of intelligence begins from the very young days in an individual’s life. The moment a child begins imprinting its footsteps on the sands of School Vivekananda, begins its journey of learning. This journey continues, even after the students graduate from the school, equipped with life-skills necessary for the independent lifelong learning.

The four stages are:

Level Typical Age in yrs
I Pre-Primary
Pre Preparatory 3-4
Preparatory 1 4-5
Preparatory 2 5-6
II Primary
Grade 1 6-7
Grade 2 7-8
Grade 3 8-9
Grade 4 9-10

The school has multifarious approaches for different age group of students in delivering and facilitating the teaching- learning processes. There are four different structured stages which help every child discover her/ his latent potential and learning capabilities to the fullest in umpteen ways.


Level Typical Age in yrs
III Higher-Primary
Grade 5 10-11
Grade 6 11-12
Grade 7 12-13
IV Higher School
Grade 8 13-14
Grade 9 14-15
Grade 10 15-16

The typical age of a child in a specific grade can vary as it is dependent upon the relationship between the child’s birth date and the school calendar.

  • Strength in each class
    Pre Primary   -   30 students in each section
    Grade 1 to 10   -   36 to 40 students in each section
  • School Timings
    Pre Primary   -   8.30am to 12.30pm
    Grade 1 to 4   -   8.30am to 3.30pm
    Grade 5 to 10   -   8.30am to 3.40pm
  • Eligibility( Age Criteria)
    Refer to the Table above
    Pre Prep   -   3 years as on 1st June of the academic year.
    Prep 1   -   4 years as on 1st June of the academic year.
    Prep 2   -   5 years as on 1st June of the academic year.
    Grade1   -   6 years as on 1st June of the academic year.