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Preparatory classes along with Pre Preparatory form the Pre - Primary group. The first few years of a child in school are the formative years of her/his life. Laying a strong foundation for building a healthy character is of prime importance in the initial stages of a child’s schooling. With this belief begins the child’s education, well structured and fun-filled activities planned for each day, help a child find comfort in every ‘listen, say and do’ program.

Best of Kindergarten, Montessori and other modern approaches are blended together to make our specially designed program, a child–friendly one. It enables the child to ‘understand’ others and she/he is encouraged to make others ‘understand’ her /him. This program has found tangible results in the form of children finding joy and loving to be a part of the school. Our focus on preparing the child to accept hands–on life experiences at the primary level is well taken care of at this stage.

Since the Pre Primary Education at School Vivekananda is exclusive, unique and made highly interesting for tiny-tots it is run under special banner called School Kids. It is a warm and nurturing place to play, learn and grow. We take pride in creating an ambience where children love coming to school with joy and go home only to come back to school with big broad smile day after day.