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The academic year for the school commences in May and concludes by the end of April the following year. Activities related to academics, non-academics, sports, tests and exam schedules, PTM, important celebrations are distinctly earmarked in the well-planned calendar of the school. The year is divided in to two terms as follows:

Term 1: May to October
Term 2: November to April

There are two short vacations every academic year, one during Dasara in October and other during Christmas in December in addition to the long summer vacation in April and May. The timings of the School are between 8.20 am and 3.40 pm with staggered dismissal schedules for different classes. Pre - Primary children are let off by afternoon to go home. Office functions from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon. For any clarifications or to fix an appointment with any of the teaching faculty or administrative staff you may please call up the office or email Office always takes pleasure in extending their support in whatever way possible.