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About School Vivekananda


Welcome to School Vivekananda, a versatile institution situated in the prime location of Sahakaranagar,
Off Bangalore International Airport road, Bangalore.

In the year 1996, School Vivekananda set its first steps in the enlightened world of education to mark the beginning of its humble journey. A decade and more, since then School Vivekananda has been providing high quality education for all those who enter the portals of this great institution. "Mission of Excellence" being the motto of the school, it is committed to give worthy global citizens to the society.

Significant achievement and accomplishments made by the students passing out of this institution in the fields of Academics, Sports and Cultural Activities is a standing testimonial.

The purpose, the aim and drive of School Vivekananda continues to give the best to every student embarking upon the invaluable journey of acquiring knowledge. The knowledge acquired by them at the alma mater would shine brighter in their lives and brighten the lives of others around them as well. Helping to dispel the darkness of ignorance by emanating the light of knowledge and enabling it to radiate far and wide, would be the essence in the life of every Vivekanandite.